Sodalite Blue

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Open Book




  • 300x150
  • 280x120
  • 250x100
  • 200x100
  • 150x75
  • 100x50
  • 150x150
  • 120x120
  • 100x100

Open Book

  • 300x150
  • 280x120


  • 4mm
  • 9mm
  • 13mm (Only available in size 300x150)


  • Bright
  • Satin

Available Options

  • Opaque
  • Translucent
  • Double Face

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A technology that will coat any enviroiment with the good taste required: yours!

The versatile nature of the technology behind Corstone coatings allows a far above-average creative diversification, especially when compared to ceramic tiles. Such characteristic is especially relevant for people looking for a product capable of accommodating their personal taste: a product that recognizes and enhances the individual's personality. Corstone creatively understands the most diverse personalities of its customers, offering products that reflect individual good taste in the most diverse profiles.

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